Web design & identitly

Artwin Gallery - Moscow gallery of contemporary art.


We have completely redesigned the site structure for the gallery and online store, but in such a way that users can easily find the information they need,


We conducted a visual study of current trends in the field of art, museums and galleries, identified the main trends and tried to create our own unique vision based on the results obtained. At the same time, we applied the general rules for working with visual elements and the grid.

and colors

The concept of museums, as a rule, implies the arrangement of paintings on white walls. This was the result of the use of a black-and-white color scheme with an emphasis on the work of artists and poster typography.


The main page fully discloses information about the gallery for those who have visited for the first time and want to know what it can offer them.
In order to convey to the visitor of the site the value of the activities of artists and their works, great emphasis is placed on the demonstration of catalogs of masters, their paintings and the story of their biography.
The internal pages were designed with special care, as we were faced with the task of providing the most complete information about the gallery on the site itself.

LEt`s talk
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