Web design

Dolphin is a legendary performer whose songs have won the hearts of millions of fans.


To make a personal website about a musical artist for a demanding audience, which consists of his fans, so that they can get the most complete information about him and his work.


The site, on the one hand, looks quite ascetic. This is done in order not to interfere with the personal perception of each fan. But, on the other hand, the project carefully and competently uses interesting visual solutions that focus on important content, such as music, photos, videos.


A black background is used to convey the intimacy of the presentation of all content. Careful work with typography.


The main page is a hub of all relevant, important information about the artist with the ability to go to separate pages where you can get more detailed information on the topic of interest to the user: starting from the entire discography of the artist with lyrics and ending with a full catalog of clips and concerts.

LEt`s talk
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